Femmøller strand

Really Windy today. Tried to catch the Wind but wasn't that sucessful. Femmøller Strand Mols
In Photography accidental meetings occur. Here's a Blue Rubber Glove together with part of a Bench and some Dry and Green Grass Femmøller Strand
Femmøller Strand The Road to Fuglsø Fuglsøvej Mols Bjerge
Old Bench Femmøller Strand Mols
Bus Stop Femmøller Strand Showcase June Fine Art Photography
Red House with Shadows and Chimneys in Femmøller Strand Window Windows Chimney Tree Birch Tree Birch Antenna Nikon1 Nikon1j4 Color Palette
Summer Solstice On the Longest Day of the year me and dad take an evening walk and admire the View at the Bay of Ebeltoft Ebeltoft Vig 43 Golden Moments Femmøller Strand Showcase June Two Is Better Than One
A Cappuccino Moment at the newly opened Egils Cafe in Femmøller Strand Hidden Gems  My Coffee Moment
The Road from Femmøller Strand to Femmøller Asphalt Lines Trees Mols
Speed Limit It says Twenty Femmøller Strand
Hiding House behind Green Hedge Femmøller Strand Nikon1 Nikon1j4 Adapted To The City
House in Femmøller Strand Covered with Ivy Tiled Roof  Roof Adapted To The City
Beautiful Early Morning Sun with Trees Silhouettes Femmøller Strand
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