Glas bricks

Duisburg, Germany - August 2nd 2017: typical house from the seventies Architecture Built Structure No People Documentary Ruhrgebiet Settlement Living Lying Trash Ashtray  Letter Box Glas Bricks German Typical Retro Old Seventies Flat House Architecture Door Black And White Monochrome Seventies
Duisburg, Germany -August 2nd 2017: House from the seventies Door No People Architecture House Flat Seventies Old Retro Typical German Seventies Glas Bricks Door Letter Box Ashtray  Lying Trash Living Settlement Ruhrgebiet Documentary
Sauerkraut und Zigaretten Door Barrel Bucket Red Colours Colourful Village Simplicity Wabi-sabi Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Pattern Glas Bricks Ivy
Tom IPhone Portrait Iphoneart Glas Bricks