"Remember when we were young and had not a care in the world? When all we cared about was having fun and the day not ending. We did not care about yesterday or tomorrow..we lived for today. Do you remember? I miss those times more than anything. The days when our biggest problem was not being able to go in the water right after eating..the days where we couldn't have 2 sodas with our lunch. I miss that. I miss being happy." Sealbeach Sealbeachpier Sealbeachphotography Beach Happy Happiness Sand Pier Photooftheday SoCal Socalbeach California Sun Sunday PalmSunday Samsungonly Samsungphotography Samsung Galaxy Galaxys6photography Galaxys6 Androidonly Android AndroidPhotography Photography ebbxflowphotography
"If I had one wish, I'd stop all the clocks." -Misery Signals Homecoming Miserysignals Controller GoodFriday  Sealbeach Sealbeachpier Sealbeachphotography Photography Samsung Samsungphotography Samsungonly AndroidPhotography Androidonly Android Galaxys6photography Galaxy Galaxys6 Gs6
"In the winds of your cape..I've sailed with you..From the shore to the gates..We sway...We're alive somewhere else..Far ahead of our time...In a game of display we break in two..We perform the ornate escape..." -Deftones Whathappenedtoyou Deftones Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Sealbeachphotography Sealbeach Sealbeachpier Samsungphotography Samsung Samsungonly Androidonly Android AndroidPhotography Galaxys6photography Galaxy Galaxys6 Photography Photooftheday Ebbxflowphotography
"This great evil, where's it come from? How'd it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who's doing this?  Who's killing us? Robbing us of life and light; mocking us with the sight of what we mighta known? Does our ruin benefit the earth? Does it help the grass to grow or the sun to shine? Is this darkness in you too? Have you passed through this night?" -Explosions In The Sky Haveyoupassedthroughthisnight Explosionsinthesky Pier Fisherman Fishing Beach Ocean SoCal Socalbeach California Sealbeach Sealbeachpier Sealbeachphotography Photography Samsung Samsungphotography Galaxys6photography Galaxy Galaxys6 Androidonly Android AndroidPhotography Ebbxflowphotography