Experimenting with camera

Fire on Long Exposure while Camping in Scotland . Messing Around Experimenting With Camera Sparks Fly Camp Fire
I'm getting a couple lucky shots trying to find macro settings on my new phone but it's Not Always Easy! This one seems to have worked but I can't get a Selective Focus the way I want... Focus On ForegroundNo Edits No Filters Experimenting With Camera if anyone has any pointers to get me back-on-track I would be more than greatful. I'm working with a Samsung Galaxy S7 My Favorite Photo Nature's Diversities Colour Of Life Maximum Closeness
This is a campfire. Do you see that lion ?Photography In Motion Fire Playing With Fire Looks Like A Lion Fierce 🐯 Experimenting With Camera Showing ImperfectionLove It 43 Golden Moments
Skyscape Nightphotography Nightsky Tree Stars Starscape Colours Of Nature Stars At Night Experimenting With Camera Experimenting With Light LearningEveryday Naturephotography Beautiful Nature Shadows Learning Learnsomethingeveryday Patience Results
Focus on background Towers And Sky Tower High View From Above View Experimenting With Camera Tree Storm Cloud Sky Close-up Cloud - Sky Landscape Architecture Dramatic Sky Treetop Cloudscape Growing Young Plant EyeEmNewHere