Cityscape at dawn

From Same place 10 mins. earlier. (West)Dawn Moon At 5 In The Morning Moon Landscapes With WhiteWall Windows Cityscape At Dawn Negative Space Poverty Cityscape From Above Here Belongs To Me Slums Soft Light Pastel Power Landscapes Urban Geometry Silence Of Nature Wake Up View Soft Pastel  Cloudless Sky Urban Nature The Rise Of Nature Concrete Morning Sky Morning Light Learn & Shoot: Balancing Elements
View from my Kitchen on 25.03.2016 (West) Dawn Moon At 5 In The Morning The Rise Of Nature Cloudless Sky Soft Pastel  Wake Up View Morning Light Silence Of Nature Windows Morning Sky Delicate Moment Cityscape At Dawn Landscapes With WhiteWall Landscapes Cityscape From Above Slums Sky_collection Pastel Power Soft Light Here Belongs To Me Houses Concrete Learn & Shoot: Balancing Elements Urban Nature Urban Geometry