O zaman tum ikinci diploma icin Cintarihi calisanlara gelsin!💓😊 @aslihankaray @_filiz_1207 Chinese Ancient Jewelry Ming Dynasty. Jewelry Jewelryaddiction Jewelryblogger Jewels Ancientjewelry Ancientwisdom Amazing Loveit Awesome Ancients Jewelryhistory
A Greek Gold and Garnet Earrings with Siren . Hellenistic  period circa 4th-3rd century B.C Ancient Ancientjewelry Jewellery Jewelry Jewelblog Jewelryhistory Gorgeous Elegant Handmade Instagram_turkey Instagramturkey Inspiration Gemstones Jewelryaddiction Jewelrylover
Pair of Gold Earrings with Female heads, Etruscan ,Date mid-5th century B.C. courtesy Dallas Museum of Art Jewellery Jewelry Ancient Ancientjewelry Antropology Accessories Inspiration Jewelblog Jewelrylover
Tam da Yunan sanati calisirken, guzel kafalara Yunan taci📝📖👸 A Hellenistic  Gold Diadem circa 2nd Century B.C. composed of a tubular stem forming an overlapping ring with sprays of leaves each with a central repoussé vein, the sprays attached to the diadem with gold wire. Greek Art Arthistory Hellenisticperiod from Bonhams Jewelry Ancientjewelry Jewelleryaddiction Jewelryloversonly Turkishfollowers Sanattarihi Jewelryhistory Historyofjewelry
A Roman Gold AND Carnelian Ring CIRCA 1ST CENTURY B.C. The hollow gold hoop widening at the shoulders to a circular bezel, the large circular carnelian intaglio with the winged figure of flying Victory facing left, her left leg straight, right leg kicked out with drapery billowing behind, holding a wreath in her outstretched left hand and a palm branch in her right Intaglio Ancient Ancientjewelry Jewelry Jewellery Jewelblog Fashioninsta Jewelleryindetail Jewelryaddiction Jewelryaddict Joias Archaeology Arkeoloji Turkishfollowers