Took this when i bought my Tokina1116 lens. And im happy with its results. Nikon Nikonphotography Nikonlyfe Supway Subwayphotography TimesSquare Spsamuelphotography Nycphotography Nycphotos Tokina Wideangle Wideanglephotography
Mario statue at the new nintendo world Nintendo Supernintendo  Gaming Nintedoworld Mario Goldmario Supermario SuperMarioBros Nikonlyfe Nikon D3200 50mm Nycphotography Photography Nikkor nycphotographer
And old photo from the @senpai_project_ event. @hellokitti2323 Spsamuelphotography Disney Disneycosplay Cosplay Nycphotos . Nycphotographer . Nycphotography Nikon Nikonphotography Nikonlyfe NikonLife Nikond3200 50mmlens Roundflash Ringflash Kindgomhearts
Went to the @beyondvape vape store with my Tokina1116 lens and love the results Nycvape Beyondvape Vaping VapeLife Clouds Orings Rings Nycphotography Nycphotos Nikon Nikonlyfe Nikonphotography Nycnikon