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Κοιτάς απ'το παράθυρο. | familiar feeling • October 28th Salonica τοhomeτηςζουζουνίτσασμουειναιδυοφορεσhomeμου Balcony Autumn Moodoftheday Chilly Vintage Vintagephotography MyPhotography Photooftheday Blueiseverywhere Buildings Beautifulview Myviewrightnow Wednesdaylove VSCO Vscocam Vscolove Vscothessaloniki Vscogreece Vscovintage Vscoaddict Instagreece Instathessaloniki Instalove instamood instaautumn instadaily instavintage instalifo
•|Light up,light up|•October 28th•| Salonika Wednesdaylove Light Candle Fire Myviewrightnow Sunset Sea Colourfulworld Coloursareeverywhere Wednesdaynight Bythesea Onlylove Loveisintheair Breath VSCO Vscocam Vscolove Vscogreece Vscothessaloniki Vscofire Vscolight Vscoaddict Instagreece Instamood instathessaloniki instalove instagood instaphile instalifo
And the life is closing doors. •(thank god there is music and alcohol) Vinyl Moby Brilliant Musicistherealdrug🍃 GodLovesUs Hecreatedalcohol Vintage Vintagephotography MyPhotography Loveisallaroundus Embraceyourweirdness Coctails Salonicaφάση αγαπάτεψυχές Loveiseverywhere VSCO Vscocam Vscolove Vscovinyl Vsvovintage Vscogreece Vscothessaloniki Vscoaddict Instagreece Instalove instathessaloniki instamood instavintage instaaddict instalifo