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Με περίμενε στο "τραπέζι της Ματίλντας" για το happy nameday μου.🎈 Blepapagaloss Home μεταξουργείο Namedaytoday ταμωραμουμεταϊζουνε ποσοσασαγαπαω νελλη πετρο μικα τζενη ιλιανα αννα γιωργο αλεξανδρε ειστεταπιοερωρευσιμαμογγολασεολητηνελλαδα αλήθεια τοεννοω μεσυγκινησατεπαλιοπαιδα ασταδιαλα 😚
The meaning of the name Ildikó is:warrior. People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated, for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things. Ildikó is a particularly secretive and reserved woman who is surrounded by an air of mystery.It is certainly true that more than anything else; Ildikó has a gift for analysis and possesses a critical mind which means that she is likely to take an interest in the natural sciences. Her acutely sensitive nature. She is highly selective about the people that she gets close to and chooses her friends according to the amount of spiritual or cultural affinity that she feels.She is anything but superficial and friendship is sacred, in her eyes. However, she tends to be a more or less solitary character who is rather unusual and sometimes turns this to her advantage.She is extremely intuitive and often experiences gut-feelings or premonitions which could confer her abilities as a medium. She seeks to acquire wisdom, however she is terribly shy and emotional - leaving her somewhat unarmed in the face of reality, which can be c Namedaytoday