First Time Shooting my Bike ! After my Photograph called me off I had to make myself some pictures... Well, it went out good ! Bikeporn Bike Photo Pictureoftheday Photography First Eyeem Photo 611arts 611 Gixxer Suzuki Ride Bikefam GSXR750 Berlin
Bmw X5 611arts Bmw Pictureoftheday 611artsde
My New toy ! Soooo excited - can't wait for the weather to get better - there will be a fotoshooting with it as soon as possible - stay tuned - ride safe and much love from Germany Berlin Suzuki Bike Bikeporn Ride GSXR750 Bikefam 611arts 611 Gixxer First Eyeem Photo Pictureoftheday Photography Photo
It's been a while since you were able to see the Bloodmoon - that's my Photo of this spectacular view.... Taken in Germany between 4 and 5 o clock in the morning - I hate mornings but it was worth it ! Pictureoftheday Moon Moonlight Photography 611 611arts 611artsde