Repost @snarelington ・・・ Doesn't matter how you slice it, this picture of me and @zackwats0n is pure fun. This is what drumming is about. Fun. Yeah, the medals and the trophies are great, but that's not why we drum. We drum because we love making music. We drum because we have fun doing it. And frankly, if you aren't having fun doing this, maybe you should reevaluate your approach. Truth SpeakIt HaveFun Drumsarefun Lifeisshort Aq AQlife Atlantaquest Wgi Wgipercussion Drums Drumsinagym Indoor Indoordrumline Band Marchingband Bandlife Drumlife Drumfam Livetodrum Drumuniversity Xymox Xymoxpercussion @xymoxpercussion @vicfirth @innovativepercussion @pearl_drums @outlawdrum @drumuniversity @systemblue1 @lotriot