First second of the life

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Yeaterday, Friday, 8. April 2016, 1:54p.m, the first Grandis-Baby had always hatched, the second one puts his nose out of the egg and hatched at 2:23p.m. in Anskar-Church, Hamburg, Germany. First Time FirstTime Check This Out Hi! Taking Photos Beautiful Animal Reptile Popular Photos Reptile World Beautiful Nature Daygecko Just Born New Life Nature Special_shots Exotic Creatures Green Nature Freedom Hatch Hatched Hello World First Second Of The Life Enjoying Life Cheese! EyeEm Diversity Art Is Everywhere
The first baby from my first Grandis ("GinaHamMadaga"), that was my first gecko-baby born (19.May 2013) in my house. (13.April 2016, 01:57 p.m.). Justborn Just Born Baby Babys Babyanimals Baby Animals Taking Photos Check This Out Hello World FirstTime First Time First Day Enjoying Life Reptilelove Grandis Green Nature Exotic Creatures Special_shots Popular Photos Beautiful Nature New Life Hatched First Second Of The Life Animals Reptile World