I pasted up the giant 90*200 "All seeing eye" in darkness of the night, photographed in light of the day.BTW the photo itself belongs to one of my earlier projects when i was a student. It sees ya all... Oneeye Allseeingeye Wisdom Enlightenment Art Artforpeople Mural Huge Pasteup Wheatglue Eye Theeye Unity Streetart UrbanART Photography Ob5cne Mashhadart Streetart_mashhad
Here i represent you my cause. Streetart Streets Ob5cene Pasteup Wheatpasteart Wheatpaste Wheatglue Airpollution Rightnow Artofthenight mashhad Mashhadart Streetart_mashhad
Today's goal, do not let street art die. For all ya out there; never surrender✌ PS: This is a recently cleaned up bridge. Ob5cene Streetart Graffiti Pasteup Combinedmethods Spray Streets Art Artforpublic Keepitalive Youredead UrbanART Goals Today Rightnow ForTheDead Streetart_mashhad Mashhad
An old spot, on an erased one. Ob5cene Streetart Streets NightStalker Spray Sprayart Stencil Stenciling Graffiti Neverfadeaway Artintown Urban UrbanART Instagraff Streetartisry Streetart_mashhad Mashhad
An Ob5cene paste up. Ob5cene Streetart Spotthetalent Wallporn Pasteup Urbanwalls Street Graffiti Instagraff Photooftheday Urbanlife Art Airpollution Sticker Stickerart Streetart_mashhad Mashhadart
You gotta know when they erase one, another reborn... Ob5cene Graffiti Spray Sprayart Streetart Streets Art Fly Pasteup Wheatglue Wheatpaste Sticker Trail Smellyart Streetart_mashhad