Parked van

Someone left their wetsuit out in the sun to dry. Perhaps it's the man in the distance, walking back to his van? Breakwater Wall Jersey Channel Island UK Lone Walker In The Distance Parked Van Rocks On The Shore Sea In The Distance Slipway To Beach St Ouen's Beach Sunshine Day Vanishing Point Wetsuit Drying In The Sun Live For The Story
Chinatown Downtown DTLA Van Vandalism Vandal City Urban Graffiti Graffiti Art Street Street Photography Commuting Parked Van Chineese Signage
Surfer waxing his board next to his campervan parked on the beach. Xcel Surfboard Surfspot Coastline Portugal Campervan Surfvan Parked Van Ocean Wetsuit Surfer Sea Water Horizon Over Water Beach One Person Sky Horizon Land Outdoors Sand