Sunrise today and Amelia Earhart bridge in Atchison Kansas........ Wicked fuckn cold ...almost to cold for morning run.......almost lol Ks_pride Atchison Ameliaearhart Kansasphotographer Kansasphotos Wow_america WOW Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Sunrise Kansassunrises Sunrisesofinstagram Imstagood Instapic Beautiful Bridge Worldsbestsunrises Fuckyeah Morningsun Morningrun Running Runner
Amelia Earhart memorial bridge in Atchison Kansas... And Missouri river.. Lol Ks_pride Atchison Ameliaearhart Googlecamera Wow_america Kansasphotographer Kansasnature Worldwide Waterscape Wow_hdr Bridge
Crazy things you find at the airport in Atchison..... Ks_pride Memories Atchison Kansasphotographer Ameliaearhart Kansas
Under the bridge ...... Ks_pride Atchison Kansasphotos Kansasphotographer Wow_america_hdr Wow_america Ameliaearhart Missouririver