Success isn't something that just happens. Success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared. Quotes Director Bestdirector BTS Behindthescenes Resolusinusadamai Rnd Jtv Producer Filmmaker Film Dop Directorofphotography
A director is a general in charge of an army of traitors like any showman. An audience will love you, laugh with you and wait outside your stage door when you're hot and on a roll, but no audience is ever truly friendly. Not for long. Bore 'em or disappoint 'em - even once - and they'll turn on you and tear you to pieces, regardless of who you are or might once have been. -Richard Stanley- Director Bestdirector Scripwriter Producer Behindthescenes BTS Resolusinusadamai Rnd Jtv Tvc Dramakolosal Drama INDONESIA Manbehindthecamera Film Filmmaker
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