Original Experiences After driving the whole day previous from Slab City, CA to Ville, AZ without turning on the air conditioning in order to do our best to prevent our little hand printed Toyota Corolla named Theo from overheating, my great friend Stina and I had finally made it to Grand Canyon National Park . Arriving through the south entrance we were excited to finally be somewhere that was new to both of us, but that excitement faded in just a matter of minutes when 3 miles into driving the 25ish miles to Desertview Campground our little Theo started to act up. It was bad enough when her temperature gauge was in the red zone, but despite the chilly 50ish degree weather she went above and beyond the red zone to the "oh no" zone. It definitely caused an unpleasant adjustment to our recently uplifted moods, so when we pulled to the next available vista point and Theo shut down completely as we parked, it was then nap time for the car and for us. Once we felt the time was right to be on our way again we started inching our little trooper onward and forward trying our best not to push her too far while simultaneously trying not to piss off any of our fellow drivers. Somehow we made it to the campground where we claimed spot number 3 as our temporary home for the next few days. Knowing only that the coolant level was low and nothing else about the issues, we went on a walk to the overpriced chevron conveniently located near the entrance of Desertview Watchtower to find antifreeze and replenish Theo's obvious thirst. The following day we gave driving her another go in order to get somewhere with wifi/cell service so that we could find a mechanic in the area, she struggled again barely making it into the parking lot at the visitor center where we pushed her into a nice spot to let her rest a bit again. It was all very stressful, not knowing how we could help solve whatever was going on, and yet it was probably the greatest thing. Round 2 to our spot number 3 our Theo made it to Grandview Point and decided that was it for her. Despite Stina's urge to stress nap, I was able to get her to follow me down the turn off road to see that great big hole in the ground. Boy oh boy, what a grand view. That's when we both discovered our love of leaving paths and crossing fences/walls and getting as close to falling into the vast nothing as we could get. From that point on anytime we were along the rim of that canyon we made it a point to be as edgy as we could manage. Eventually in a few days, we met a stranger at Navajo Point while we were exploring who helped us figure out that Theo was the kind of car to have two fans, and the one connected to keeping her engine under check was the same fan that ran the a.c. we had refused to use in order to prevent the exact situation we got ourselves into. It's always a pleasure living the exact definition of Irony . I wouldn't have had it any other way, however, even though the whole experience was draining. Of all the places you could be stranded, the Grand Canyon ain't that bad. Car Troubles Road Trip Overheating On The Road Adventure Nikon Nikon D3100 home solution to Volkswagon Combi Overheating in Santiago Chile
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