Loktak Lake, Manipur Surface area: Approximately 287 sq. Km It is the largest fresh water lake in the North East and famous for Phumdis. Loktak Lake Manipur Holiday Phumdis Sangai Northeast IndiaTrail Moirang Wildlife
Loktak Lake in Moirang is the largest freshwater lake in India. The lake is a source of livelihood for rural fishermen. The lake is also called the Floating Lake because of large floating masses of vegetation, soil and organic matter at various stages of decomposition. Sometimes large enough to house wild life and humans on it. Phumdis Day 4. Leg 1. Nagaland to Manipur. IndiaTrail Kohima to Imphal Nagaland Manipur Moirang Lake Loktak Deer Tourism India Travel Traveling Vacation Worldwar Telling Stories Differently Lakes