Been working on my first official pc release for the past four months in secrecy. It is coming soon. Gamedev Abstract Artist Visualnovel
a being, Of Existential  horror. Lost, In between, Time and Space . Curious , Of Existence . Translating, Concepts of what it means, To truly be Human . Introduction Dialogue from Imaginary . :3 Gamedev 3am Vanity Selfie Literature Writing Poet Focus Narrative Visualnovel Madewithunity Horror Dark Art Abstract fantasy hair poetry poetic lovecraft
There's some branching dialogues for you my dearest. Gamedev Branchingstory Videogames Visualnovel
Teaser picture for the Upcoming  PCgame . Gamedev Unity3d Madewithunity Abstract Art Expressionism Pointandclick Horror Suspense Psychedelic Psycological Glitch Poetry Writing Visualnovel Game Cinematography Painting
Iconika Createoconstudios Gamedev Gaming Visualnovel Lovecraft Existentialism Poetry
Visualnovel Grisaia
boo you whore! Visualnovel Grisaia
guilty Visualnovel Grisaia
Tohka Grisaia Visualnovel