Prachin shiv mandir

Lord Krishna  Radhe Krishna Paintings On The Wall Indoors  Temple Beautiful Glass Paintings Decorations on MahaShivRatri at sector8 Prachin Shiv Mandir
MahaShivRatri Temple Indoors  Inside The Temple Decorations Decorated Deities Lord Vishnu Goddess Lakshmi Bestower Of Wealth Prosperity Success Victory at Prachin Shiv Mandir sector8, is said that God actually means G for Generator Lord Brahmacreator of the universe,bestows wisdom,his wife- Goddess Saraswatibestows knowledge,O for Operator-Lord Vishnuwho along with his wife Goddess Lakshmi make sure of balanced working of d world&finally D for Destroyer-Lord ShivaHe's believed to be the Final Visitor Death So,d balance G.O.D.