"Dead on track 2" This is a new edit on a photo that I posted a couple of days ago entitled 'Dead on track '. In the other one it shows it as it was when I took the photo in the cloudy afternoon, but being that the trains headlight was on clearly, I thought that it might look cool if I could make it appear as if it were in the twilight time of the evening, right at the time it began to turn night time. So I decided to make it darker using a couple of filters in snapseed and also tuning the settings to darken it with the contrast and took out some brightness and also toned it down using the shadow settings, to give it just the right settings for a twilight appearance. I hope that you like my efforts. On other photo and social media websites people like it a lot and have given me great compliments on my editing efforts, and I can only hope that you all here will like it as well. I thank you sincerely if you do like my editing of this fast looking train at twilight. :-) ✌ Creative Photography Trainphotography Railfansofeyeem Railroad Track Fast Train Twilight Scene Twilightscapes Twilight Trains & Railroad Trains_r_the_best Trains Trains_worldwide Railways_of_our_world Railroad Love Trainride Trainstories Train_of_our_world Railfans_of_instagram Railfanning Fujifilmdigitalcamera Fujifilm Photoshop Edit Picasaedit Snapseed Picasa
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