Something happened to one of my favorite dogs that I have had over the years. He disappeared a few months ago. Someone or something broke the bsck of the wooden fence into the yard, he and Biggy were able to get out. On this dsy he was feeling very cocky. When I told him it was time to come in he tried to get in 1 more quick run but he slippef and plowed hos face right into a pile of his own feces. I had to wash his face and feet before he could comr in. Luckily it wasn't that cold. I didn't take his picture while cleaning him because I was surprised by the way he was looking while I was cleaning him up. ESpecially when I was washing his face. I could tell he was so grateful that I was washing him up. I fussed at him while I was doing it and he became even more obedient. This was easpecially pleasing to me since he had had such a rough start in life. Not A Fighter Only In Detroit He's Gone Roughstart ToughstartJughead Quadriped Staffordshire Bull Terrier Power In Nature Snow Dog Running Black And White Dog Spike Collar Winter Dogs Of EyeEm Dogs Life Young Animal Outdoors Staffy Canon Photography Trees March Showcase Warm Weather Climate Change Snow ❄