I was reading a diy lighting article I found somewhere on my EyeEm homepage and was inspired to take a few behind the scenes shots of the lighting gear that I've made over the past few months... The USB snake light is handmade, even soldered the USB end onto the power cable that runs through the centre, its a 3W warm white led attached to an aluminium heatsink at the shiny end. The diffuser from a cheap garden led decoration works great to soften the very bright light. The multi coloured octopus arms are a big set of helping hand grips that I made for soldering electronics but they work just as well holding a makeshift backdrop. The tall standing light is made from a plug in lamp from clas ohlson and a section of trunking that was left over when my mum had a new kitchen installed, the lifx bulb is great as you can change the white temperature or set it to a colour with an app, to diffuse that I use an ikea paper lampshade from some long since broken luminaire. I have a set of lamps with soft boxes and brollies but most of these things got made when something impromptu happened and they get used more than the proper stuff now. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll do my best to answer any you might have. EyeEmNewHere Diylighting Indoors  Illuminated Behindthescenes DIY Stuff No People Night Homestudio  Makersgonnamake Maker
Small wonderer Macro Jumping Spider Close-up Diylighting
Playing with Christmas lights and an empty jack bottle. Still have the full one for Christmas day though !!!! Jackdaniels JD Lights Christmas Photography Amaturephotography Photoedit Photo Nikond3200 Nikonphotography Daily_photoz Photo Artsandcrafts Diylighting Jackdanielssinglebarrel Christmasdrinks
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