Foodporn Foodgasm Instafood Photooftheday Lunchoftheday Foodallergy Cleaneats Plantpowered Plantbased Cleanse Photooftheday Healthyfoodporn Healthyfoodshare Healthyliving Strongisthenewskinny Healthyeats Healthylife Bento Bentobox お弁当 お昼ごはん * 朝掘り筍の皮むきむきする時、お姫様出てきたらどうしようってドキドキし過ぎて、むき過ぎた😫 だけん姫皮、予定より少なめ…😢🌀 でもよく考えたら、かぐや姫 はin the たけのこ じゃなくて、in the 青竹🌵 …うっかりしてた😱 * たけのこ姫皮 の梅肉和え 茹でただけのきぬさや たこの唐揚げ たけのこの里 醤油焼 (でも私はきのこの山派 ) * I was excited peeling a bamboo shoot what if it was in the princess Kaguya PrincessKaguya is Japanese fairy tale👑 She was born in a bamboo, of course beatiful, and of course she was proposed to many many many handsome rich men💍 But she refused all. Because she is actually moon people🌛!! So she returned the moon🚲💨 ...Crazy story lol *