Equestrian Statue of Masamune Date 🏯 He watches over My Hometown Sendai , Wearing Armor with a Crescent Moon Crest 🌙 Miyagi Tohoku Cool Japan Samurai Japanese Castle EyeEm Japan Statue Colection 伊達政宗 仙台市 宮城県 Sendai-shi Sendai Of Japan Historical Place 東北 ASIA 仙台城跡 Sendai-jo Castle Ruins
men's旅行in仙台❗ 仙台城跡 伊達政宗
Stone Wall 🏯 Sendai-jo Castle Ruins Sendai Miyagi Tohoku Japanese Castle My Hometown Blue Sky Built Structure Low Angle View Castle Ruins Historical Place ASIA EyeEm Gallery Hometown Love Weekend Sunny Day Enjoying The Sun Good Times Castle Walls 仙台城跡 仙台 宮城県 東北 石垣