Found in the yard

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I found this dead Dragonfly in Germany. It died in a spider web, which I tried to clean off as good as possible (with tweezers). Close-up Dead Detail Died In Spiderweb Dragonflies Dragonfly Flying Insect Found In The Yard Insect Insect Photography Insects  Insects Collection Insekt Insekten Lake Libelle One Animal Pond Pondlife Predator Showcase March Simplicity Wildlife Wildlife & Nature Wildlife Photography
A slightly more 'commercial' version, if anyone wants a photo of a plastic birdhouse that's just sitting there among a pile of weeds and recovering after a heavy rain. Birdhouse Birdhouse In Yard Birdhouse In Grass Birdhouse In Bushes Bird Feeder Feeder Birdfeeder Overgrowth Overgrown Weeds Found In The Yard House Small House Miniature House Toy House Still Life Vibrance Vibrant Colors In Nature Found Object Light And Shadow Shadow And Light Leaves After The Rain After It Rains