50mm f/1.6

29th Febuary 2016 LUMIX GX1 Last shot : Photos(iMac) edit de Good Friday Night 50mm F/1.6 Aperture Priority Febuary: Showcase Hoteisama Portraits のようなもの On The Street Wooden Sculpure 島原市 布袋尊 森岳商店街 Walking Around The City  Nagasaki JAPAN 何でこんなの撮っちゃったんだろう OMG 😬Why Did I Take Such One😔
Waiting for Departure Time. JR KYUSHU Train de Good afternoon 50mm F/1.6 Colorspash Departure JR Kyushu JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 Nagasaki JAPAN Nagasaki Journey Partcolor Retro Styled Sasebo Station Train Walking Around 駅 - Station -