better to have a fantasy than deal with a mess.." Dinner for two? Selfie Flirt Instacool Eyebrowsonfleek Eyebrows Tongue Wink Selfieoftheday Romance Onelinestory Cheesy POTD Selfienation Sotd Boy Man Moustache Beard FacialHair Guysofinstagram
Darkselfieseries - Edit 1: A friend of my friend told that her "if the Shades in this picture were real she would hook up with this guy.." I told em the Shades r just Photography .. And still we went out.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wolf Style Selfie Wolfie POTD Sotd Beard Stylish Stache Redeyes Werewolf Alpha Male Youngman Boy Man Guysofinstagram Beardo Stubble Instacool X process coloredhair coloredman boyblue eyebrowsonfleek jawline
Darkselfieseries - Wolfie Edit 2: let's see which one of the two edits wins! Moonlight and Lonewolf Beard Stache Man Guysofinstagram Instagram Boy Instacool POTD Sotd Photooftheday Jawline Selfportrait Eyebrowsonfleek Men Hunk