When I started Sitting in silence, being completely still, focusing only on the breaths I was taking....that day became one of those days that I'll remember for the rest of my life❤️ Northern California California Prettygirls Sunshine Summertime Tanlines  Coldbeer Dirtroads Memories Enjoying Life Taking Photos Bestyearsofmylife Lassencounty Susanville Cali Mountain Lakes  Camping Hiking California Dreaming WestCoast Lovemylife
❤️Missin my family❤️ Lassen National Park Lassencounty Hometown Country Life Country Girl Norcal Homesick  California Good Times Countrywild Gorgeouscountry Backroads Backyard Photooftheday Bestoftheday Grateful Smellthefreshair Soinlove Lovehim