The critically endangered Maui's Dolphin, there are less then 50 in the wild and none in captivity. They are very small and only grow to about 1.5m.The main threat to these dolphins are nets used by fisherman. Please help raise awareness 50 is not a large number and before we know it they may become extinct 🐬 Dolphin Endangered  Help Save Savemauisdolphin Art Animalartists Oceanlife Raiseawareness Mauisdolphins Design Featuregalaxy Arts_help Fish Extinct Dying Maori Aotearoa Newzealand Critical Blackandwhite Water Love Hope Followme sad fashion flowers givethemachance sketch
Maui's dolphin is critically endangered and needs our help!! πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ³πŸ‹ (Also known as Popoto in Maori) Dolphin only detail pic Dolphin Artist_4_shoutout Arts_help Followforfollow Followme Fishing Featureme Featuregalaxy Graphicart Ocean Endangeredspecies Arts_gallery Animalartists Savemauisdolphinstoday Art Mauisdolphins Animals Papercut Artsfabulouss Arts_gallery Artspotlight
Having a whale of a time πŸ‹πŸ³ (Tohora is whale in Maori) Whaletail Whale Whalewatching  Maori Aotearoa Art Artofdrawingg Featuregalaxy Animalartists Oceanlife Blackandwhite Creativempire Creative_animalart Design Water Creative Artists Love Graphicart Design Fish Wip Followme Follow4follow Papercut artspotlight arts_gallery artist_4_shoutout fishing fashion life
Work in progress is now finished 😊 Whale tails breaking the surface πŸ‹πŸ³ (hiku tohorā is whale tail in Maori) Whaletail Whale Newzealand Maori Design Artofdrawingg Artist_4_shoutout Featuregalaxy Arts_help Arts_gallery Blackandblue Love Oceanlife Sketchbook Lineart Animals Animalartists Followforfollow Aotearoa Blackpen Creativempire Creative_animalart Creative