Paradise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Curug Penganten. Bumijawa. Insta_ngapak Instabrebes Instagood Waterfall Curug INDONESIA Tegal
Cawitali's Dam. Instabrebes Insta_ngapak Tegal Exploretegal INDONESIA River Mytrip
Margasari, Tegal. Instabrebes Insta_ngapak
Mumpung pas mau pulang ke brebes ada objek bagus, jepret jepret dah :D Jalan Lingkar Bumiayu, Brebes. Mi4 INDONESIA Beautiful Xiaomi Brebes Insta_ngapak . Instabrebes
"Silence is Prayer Prayer is Faith Faith is Love Love is Service The Fruit of Service is Peace" - Mother Teresa - Insta_ngapak Instabrebes Adventure Nature River Excited Exploretegal
The enormous lake stretched flat and smooth and white all the way to the edge of the gray sky. Wagon tracks went away across it, so far that you could not see where they went; they ended in nothing at all. Lake Exploretegal Nature Adventure INDONESIA Waduk Tree Water Insta_ngapak Instabrebes