White Flame

Awesome full sleeve by Karl Whiteflame Inksocerer Karlstevens Nofilter Blackandgreyshade Portraittattoo Realismtattoo Realism Tattoo Floral Roses Rosetattoo Femaleportrait Timepiecetattoo Sleevetattoos Wintontattoostudio
In progress piece...long way to Karl stevens Whiteflame Inksocerer Nofilter Thisdudeisace Inkme Blackandgreyshade Hummingbird Ribtattoo Feather  Dragonflytattoo Karlstevens
Super soft,beautiful full sleeve on a lady filter !!! Cos we don't need em ! ... done by Karl. ... Whiteflame Inksocerer Karlstevens Nofilter Blackandgreyshade Colourroses Tattoo Ditavonteese Portraittattoo Marilynmonroe Femanine Beautiful Female Portrait Portraittattoo Realismtattoo Realism Sleevetattoo Tattooedfemales Wintontattoostudio
In progress by Karl stevens tattooist on lula Lots to go on this.... looking forward to seeing the next bit.... Whiteflame Inksocerer Karlstevens Nofilter Blackandgreyshade Inprogress Inkme Floraltattoo Swirly Portraittattoo Realismtattoo Realism Tattoo Redhair Beautiful Backpiecetattoo Inprogress Wintontattoostudio Checkusout Lotsmoretoadd Uk Didisaynofilter
In progress piece by Karl stevens tattooist added to today in studio Whiteflame Inksocerer Karlstevens Nofilter Blackandgreyshade Inprogress Inkme Colourtattoo Manunited  Beckham Davidbeckham 7 Portraittattoo Silverbackink Dragonflytattoomachine Sleevetattoo Nofilter Nophotoshop Lotsmoretoadd WOW Uk Nofilterneeded Tattoo Football Premiership
Here's another of our oldest customers tattoos...respect to him...he rocks.. Whiteflame Kerrylavulo Tattoo Stomachtattoo Blackandwhite Photography 90sntattooed
Wishing all our customers and followers a super happy new year. .. Closed now until 3rd ....see u all in 2016 Whiteflame Inksocerer Karlstevens Kerrylavulo Lula Tattoo Piercing Laserremoval Permenantmakeup NewYear 2016 Safe Happy Love Light Bethebestyoucanbe Blessed  Tattoo Wintontattoostudio Bournemouth Uk Happynewyear ๐Ÿ’–