Lolli and her Minion....all the way from Montreal Canada! Doxielove Minionslove Doxie Love Divadoxie Dachshund
My cuddle baby.....Schizer Lovemyfurbaby Divadoxie Dachshund Doxie Love
Dog Doxie Love Divadoxie Dachshund Summertime Dogdays
Princess Lolli on her throne!! ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ„ Divadoxie Doxielove Lovemyfurbaby
The girls getting their sunbathing on!! CoCo and Lolli are doggie BFFs!! Dogdays Furbabies 365dayphotochallenge Divadoxie Dachshund Lovemyfurbaby Doxie Love
My cool boy Shizer Doxie Love Furbabies Dogdays Doxielove Lovemyfurbaby Dachshund Divadoxie Shades