I am become death the destroyer of worlds

Skull on the hood of my car Car Hood Peeled Paint Sun Damage I See Skulls Skull Skull Face Skulls Abstract Abstractart Car Automobile Faded Paint Reclaimed By Nature Decay Sun Spots Let It Be Found Object Faded Black Blackandwhite Black And White Blackandwhite Photography I Am Become Death The Destroyer Of Worlds Taking Photos Iphone6 ShotOniPhone6
Underneath "the Gadget," a replica of the first atomic bomb tested in Trinity, New Mexico. I Am Become Death The Destroyer Of Worlds Doomsday Atomic Bomb Gadget The Gadget Nuclear Nuclear Weapons Trinity Atomic Atomic Age New Mexico Albuquerque Los Alamos Manhattan Project National Museum Of Nuclear Science & History Blue Sky From Beneath Under Looking Up Grid Pattern Bomb Experiment Replica  Pattern Sky Crisscross