Hello there, This is "AYK" and here I am presenting you my brand new remix on a beautiful Bollywood soundtrack. This track is one of most adorably composed by me, I hope you guys gonna love my attempt. The track is from "Shor in the city" which is sang by a great sufi singer "Roop Kumar Rathod". This time I concentrated specially on the breakdown part of this remix track, which is for sure gonna give you goosebumps. Soundcloud : Name : Teri Justajoo Remix Artist : AYK Vocalist : Roop Kumar Rathod Genre : Melodic/Uplifting Trance Tempo : 138 Bpm Till then have an ear on this powerful masterpiece and keep supporting my music, till then goodbye and take care. For more info : AlwaysTrance TheMelodicMaestro IndianTranceArtist Trancefamily Trance Musician Melodic Romantic Valentines Bollywood Remix Indiantrance RoopKumarRathod Sufi Upliftingtrance
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