I'm the happiest person in this world because God has given me all those things which I deserve. :) AlwaysTrance Aykproduction TheMelodicMaestro Trancefamily <3
On the way to office, feeling positive once again after a long stress. :) Any comments for me? :) AlwaysTrance TheMelodicMaestro Insta Trancefamily Dude Beard Beardgang Smoothcriminal
"I have my own attitude so I never care what rest of the other think about me." AlwaysTrance Trancefamily Aykproduction TheMelodicMaestro Electronykmaestro <3
Rendering final mixdown for my new official remix... Too much excited about this track. :) Trancefamily Melodic Melodictrance Trance Uplifting Emotional Emotionaltrance AyK TheMelodicMaestro AlwaysTrance Instagram Instagramers Mixer Musician Music ElectronicMusic Love MacBook MacBookPro Beards Beardgang Beard Awesome Great - AYK
Hello there, This is "AYK" and here I am presenting you my brand new remix on a beautiful Bollywood soundtrack. This track is one of most adorably composed by me, I hope you guys gonna love my attempt. The track is from "Shor in the city" which is sang by a great sufi singer "Roop Kumar Rathod". This time I concentrated specially on the breakdown part of this remix track, which is for sure gonna give you goosebumps. Soundcloud : Name : Teri Justajoo Remix Artist : AYK Vocalist : Roop Kumar Rathod Genre : Melodic/Uplifting Trance Tempo : 138 Bpm Till then have an ear on this powerful masterpiece and keep supporting my music, till then goodbye and take care. For more info : AlwaysTrance TheMelodicMaestro IndianTranceArtist Trancefamily Trance Musician Melodic Romantic Valentines Bollywood Remix Indiantrance RoopKumarRathod Sufi Upliftingtrance
Promos are out now!!! Embrace of the serpent (Original Mix) - Ayk Link : Feedback are most welcome... VerseRecordings Trancefamily Trance PROGRESSIVE Electronic Music Dance IndianTranceArtist Indiantrance AlwaysTrance TheMelodicMaestro Originalmix Melodic Dannylegatto Beautiful MacBook MacBookPro Apple Fruityloops Instapic Instamusic ArtWork Atmosphere
There is nothing more beautiful than a person whose heart has been broken but still believe in love. Though My life taught me many things which is inexpressible. Still Love is not meant for me anyway. Lonely Foreveralone Brokenheart AlwaysTrance Aykproduction TheMelodicMaestro Beardgang Beard Criminalminds Dude Instacool Strongissexy Trancefamily Blueshirt Selfie :)
If you are trance music lover then must check this soundtrack from :) AlwaysTrance Trancefamily Bollywoodmusic Romantic Upliftingtrance TheMelodicMaestro Aykproduction Goodmusic Trancefamily Trance Trancemusic
This is a gift to my all the lovely fans, supporters and my all loved ones, as I promised you all that I'll release this track on 1 of December 2015. So here you go. Enjoy the full track and share it to the world. This is one of my best work till date and you guys made this remix very special and close to my heart. I really appreciate your patience so far. Your feedbacks are most welcome. This is AYK in the mix, have a good one fellas!! Soundcloud : Name : Hasi Artist : AYK Vocalist : Shreya Ghoshal Genre : Trance Sub-Genre : Uplifting Trance Tempo : 136bpm Note: Download link is available in description of the soundtrack. Travel Trance Trancefamily Melody Melodic Uplifting Bollywood Shreyaghoshal Musician Music Djayk Aykproduction Indian Tranceartist TheMelodicMaestro
I Enjoy my life to its fullest, no matter if I have lot of haters all around. I'm always happy. Thank you God. :) Ethnicwear Durgapuja Happy Trancefamily TheMelodicMaestro AlwaysTrance Loveit
Oooo itz hawttt 😁😁😁 My today's cheat food... Yummy Double Egg roll 😝😜😘😘😘 Food JUNKFOOD Cheatmeal Fit Fitness Sexybodymissions Dude Egg Rolls Streetfood Yummy Feelsogood Fry Chapati Omlette Craziness Beards Trancefamily Tranceartist Trance Music Myworld Indiantrance AlwaysTrance TheMelodicMaestro πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸŽ΅
My Siblings πŸ’—πŸ˜˜ Family Lovely Loves Loveu Little Brother Sister Missingyou Bonding Traveller SUV Car Trance Trancemusic Traditional Strong CityTour TranceAddict AlwaysTrance TheMelodicMaestro - AYK
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