Some of my new art. Oringinal Art, Drawing, Creativity CWO3 Color Militarylife Artmash M-16 Mia Veteran Etching Glass Military ♥ Mirrored Mirror Picture PicArt
New art by me Artmash Art, Drawing, Creativity Militarylife CWO3 Color Oringinal Etching Glass Veteran Military ♥ Mia M-16 Pow
Doors Art, Drawing, Creativity Photography Etching Art Artofvisuals Oringinal Reflections In The Glass Windows Etching Glass CWO3 Artmash Beauty Photo Drawing Close-up Reflection
Some art ive been working on Indoors  Bottle ArtWork Photography Myself Illuminated Oringinal Art, Drawing, Creativity Beauty Etching Glass Artofvisuals Art Laboratory PicArt Artmash Loveit Fun Indoors
Not finished yet. Oringinal ArtWork Art, Drawing, Creativity Artofvisuals Artmash Color Tile Tile Art Tile Painted
Piece 1 and 2 together. Still not finished. Starting to get the picture? Love Photography Etching Glass Art, Drawing, Creativity Artofvisuals France Paris ArtWork Buildingstyles Color Lead Artmash Artistic
Puppy Love Puppy❤ Puppy Love Puppy Face Dog Love Dog Life Puppies Of Eyeem Photography Illuminated Dog Lover Oringinal Photo Art Real People Color Loveit Memories ❤ Art, Drawing, Creativity Artmash
Not finished, but close Artmash PicArt Photography Color Artofvisuals Pencil Drawing ArtWork Art, Drawing, Creativity Etching Glass Turtle 🐢 Turtle Love Finding Nemo Squirt
New art by me. Mirror Picture Military ♥ Veteran Etching Glass M-16 Mia PicArt CWO3 Color Militarylife Art, Drawing, Creativity Oringinal Artmash
EyeEm Selects Millitary CWO3 Art, Drawing, Creativity Photography Artofvisuals Oringinal Artmash Reflections In The Glass Windows Etching Glass Art Etching POW MIA
One of my drawings Animal Wildlife Close-up Nature Art Photo Color Oringinal Art, Drawing, Creativity Outdoors Artmash Drawing Artofvisuals Beauty Photography
Not finished yet, still need to etch the glass. Etching Glass Art, Drawing, Creativity Photography Artofvisuals Artmash Color PicArt CWO3 Military Veteran Mia Pow M-16 Camouflage
This is a pic that I drew on a T.V. screen and then dumped my imagination on it. I hope you like, it's my Libra scale Artmash Artofvisuals Art, Drawing, Creativity Myself ArtWork Color Photo Pencil Drawing Oringinal Beauty LIBRA Libra♎ Good Vs Evil Angels Light And Shadow
This is a pic and drawing I did a little while ago of two people that i will always love and will never stop loving. Angels. Reflection Reflections In The Glass Windows Memories ❤ Memoriesforlife Oringinal Beauty Drawing Photo Color Art, Drawing, Creativity Artmash Fun Loveit Etching Glass Mirror Picture Mirrored My Life My Whole World My Reason  Nightlights Reflections