Pastel Power Art...Color.....fantasy... Enjoying Life
I dedicate this canvas to a very special friend Roland I could never paint like you but don't blame me trying ,I know you are the best painter ever but I had to try your style to show you my talent is no where near yours ,oil on canvas 20"_26", Creativity Contemporary Art Beauty Art, Drawing, Creativity My Art Colllection Fine Art Drawing Art...Color.....fantasy... Oil Painting Portrait Visionaryart Abstract Art Freedom Life Friendship. ♡   Love ♥ Koi.
Art...Color.....fantasy... Enjoying Life
My dear good friends I copied this painting from a super genius ,a master of imaginary and a visual artist ,Pavlina Bargili who is the mastermind behind this amazing image and many more incredible artworks ,this particular image caught my eyes and I was so exited to copy this on my canvas so asked Pavlina to allow me to paint this image ,so she did and tody I'm very please to share her genius vision with you on my canvas ,thanks a million my super talented friend Pavlina.oil on canvas 18"_24" Portrait Visionaryart Human Eye Beauty Contemporary Art Imagination And Creative Art...Color.....fantasy... Art, Drawing, Creativity Oil Painting Fine Art Drawing My Art Colllection Creativity Freedom Abstract Art Life Friendship. ♡   Love ♥ Koi. Dedicated to my grate friend Pavlina Bargili,
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