Hey you! did Dicaprio really win that award? He derserved it. The Revenant. Look at it! Adesh Sidhu by Ayush Das AdeshSidhu Punjabi Hunk SuitTie DressedUp Heyyou Youthere Grey Portfolio Punjabihunk LAMDA Indiantheatreactors Indianactors Gangsta
This is my favourite picture from Mr. Adesh Sidhu's photoshoot. All the variables came together so harmoniously. The location did it's job, Sidhu's look; couldn't have been better and ofcourse the sparks. Perfectly timed. I've not photoshopped or colour corrected this image in any way. It came out of the camera as you see it below. Enjoy and share. For more of Ayush's work check out AdeshSidhu Actors Artists Indianactors Indianmodels Portfolio Factory Factoryshoot Jumpsuit Sparks Ironrod Orange ActorFactor LAMDA Factoryworker Steel
Adesh Sidhu by Ayush Das. More of his pictures will be published tonight on my facebook page. Coloursofindia Incredibleindia Incredible_india Actors Artists Indianactors Indianmodels Portfolio Photography Photooftheday AdeshSidhu Malemodels Indiefilms Indianmodels Punjabi
Here's the handsome Mr. Sidhu (@adesh_sidhu) by Ayush Das. Malemodels Maxim Indianactors Indianmodels Portfolio Streetsofmumbai Chai Streetsofindia Punjabi AdeshSidhu Theatre Theatreactors ActorFactor LAMDA