Yeahhhh! @igersrio in the house... InstaChopp after Instameetigersriolight after InstaVernissage Thanks @philgonzalez thank you for create Igersworld !!!!!!
⚡Light Cultural center⚡ Instameetigersriolight Light is Rio de Janeiro’s electricity company and it's celebrating it’s 100th birthday with a spectacular exhibition of technology projecting amazing effects on it's front and the Top100 Igers pictures in their windows. ConexaoLight InstaVernissage Light Igersrio Igersbrasil
Shooting my shoot!!! It was projected over the glass with a high technology. Even at daylight, no reflection at the pictures. I was a Tpo100 From Instalight contest at Instameetigersriolight 😃😃😃😃😃