Drain pipes leading to the ocean exposed by mother earth. I wonder where it starts? Taking Photos Enjoying Life Follow Your Dreams Dc2photography Concrete Drainpipe
Crumbling shambles of an industry forgotten in a town that once was. Taking Photos Check This Out Smalltown Boomtown Miningtown Hwy299 Dc2photography Roadtrip
Late days becoming long nights. Chasing dreams and enjoying life. Sunset Redding California Livelife Dc2photography
Manila Ca. Taking Photos Hanging Out Hello World Enjoying Life Dc2photography Relaxing Urbanphotography Urban Landscape Urban Dreams Graffiti Graffiti Art Graffiti Wall
Rusted Remains-A shot I saw as I was wandering along the coastal area of Eureka. This was near one of the old concrete industry buildings that have crumbled to father time and mother nature in the bay. Graffiti Art Urban Country Spray Paint Beauty In The Ruins Dc2photography
Industry boom comes to an end. History Lost History Through The Lens  Check This Out Dc2photography
Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Redding California Playinginthewoods Check This Out Dc2photography