©Amvi G Photography A stunning Evening over an Even More stunning River.. This River at Katni, people say is never with water.. They say even a Paper Boat cant Float on this.. But what i Saw was just opposite.. There is a lot of water, a lot of it in the Pure Form. The River is a Beauty but the people are the beast.. There is enough water in the River but the people are polluting it. On the basin are the people who are ready to pollute this stunning river with the Polythene, clothes and many more articles in The name of Lord Ganesha.. They say that even a paper boat cant float, but even a paper boat doesn't want to float in such dirt.. What and irony. When we have everything we don't realize its importance. When there will be nothing even realizing its importance wont bring it back.. Amvigphotography Photographers Photography Lifeinkatni Madhyapradesh GaneshChaturthi Truthaboutindia Savewater Ganesha River Evening Instapic DelhiGram Delhighted Delhi_igers Nationalgeographic Natgeo Nikonschool Nikon Nikontop Picoftheday Picwithamaning
©Amvi G Photography The Sun's Repair. This worker out there has been doing his work in extreme sunlight too. He had a Dark complection which he didnt had from birth but aqcuired gradually working like this. These people have to climb at heights and do a very risky job and what they get in return in negligible. To climb in a steep ladder and then hanging along a hot pole with sun right behind its back isnt an eqsy thing. May God Save them and may they reach the heights, not by a ladder but with their Skill.. @delhi_igers @delhigram @delhighted @natgeo @natgeoyourshot @1x5 @nikon_photography_ @photographers_of_india @ngphotocamp Worker Indian Photographers Photography Amvigphotography Delhi Delhiworker Instalike Picoftheday Picwithamaning Instagood Nikon D5300