Hi guys I'm happy to collaborate with @AdobeYouthVoices who works with young people around the world that represent change through their creativity. She's my friend Mayté (@la_mayte) the only psychologist in my city who speaks sign language. Here there are 75,000 deaf people who cannot receive psychotherapy because no one besides her is capable of treating them. She noticed this and decided to launch a program for psychologists to be able to communicate with all of these people and help them move forward. All this as the result of her relentless desire to help the community | Share your creative voice and tag @AdobeYouthVoices CreateWithPurpose SCTO
Hi friends, I'm really happy to keep collaborating with @AdobeYouthVoices that looks to inspire young people to create a change. He is Juan Pablo (@chinomtz) my brother; a new entrepreneur of my city that after being an employee for a long time in different jobs and not feeling himself, he decided to give a 180 turn and start his own business. He invested in a hydroponic lettuce greenhouse, an innovating system to create lettuces through a watercourse with the necessary nutrients. Currently he harvest 8 different kinds of lettuces and is amazed on how we are able to make nature grow and contribute to the people. @12_fps is hosting a competition inspired by AVY for a chance to win an iPad. Create your own original images and tell us the stories behind those young voices. Tag CreateWithPurpose to enter the competition! (13-25 years old eligible). More info at
i sleep to live. And they live. SE3 Amman Jordan CreateWithPurpose
"His face is lit up from within with his energy for his work." How amazing to figure out your passion when you’re still in your 20’s, before life steals away too much of your time, energy, and enthusiasm. Have you ever encountered someone who exudes this aura of enthusiasm and purpose? VSCO Vscocam People CreateWithPurpose Camerji