Sometimes big is just about right, as this Bentley shows. That's why we started doing PostQuarto and DemiQuarto sizes after all! Goodwoodrevival Classiccar Blower
Bentley Goodwoodrevival Drivetastefully Classic Racecar
What you see immediately before you get flattened by a '29 4.5 litre blower Bentley. Classiccar Blower Bentley Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Details Racing Racingcar Goodwoodrevival
Goodwoodrevival was as fun and inspiring this year as any that I've been to. I find it's always a really great place to refresh my ideas and inspiration whilst having *the best* time with my Dad. Roll on next year!
Goodwoodrevival Porsche911
Where the magic happens. Blower Bentley Supercharged  Villiers Goodwoodrevival Vintagestyle Engineering Motor Racing Racingcar
Modscircus Singer911 Goodwoodrevival
A few more from Goodwoodrevival , the boat-back Roller is a real essay in something that really *shouldn't* work actually being brilliant Rollsroyce Classiccar Carolshelby Mustang