Relaxing That's Me Enjoying Life Hi!
Been There.
Africa bless •
Adventure in the blue Skies of Africa // Cape Town Paragliding with my soul open
Street Art in and around African walls ///
Bird Photography FishEagle Birdwatching Birds In Flight Birds_collection
Nike & Longboard // bliss
Wildebeest😁 Nata
Vans ✔️
Art by Stan Engelbracht // framed in my room. Grey hair, topless and scars | .
Hedgehog 🙉
Hello World Taking Photos
When my life gets boring I just laugh it off. People would die for this. Life is but a dream. Dance First Eyeem Photo
Clifton college fun run was amazing ! Taking Photos Check This Out Besties Colors
Ma and the Gringe
Eggplant chips get iiiin
First Eyeem Photo
waiting on your next paycheck like 🙂 First Eyeem Photo
That's Me on my Book published last year! All about Africa / Food and ADVENTURE
Foggy☺️ Cold Morning
Just riding along the river.
First Eyeem Photo
My Student Life
Hanging Out
^^^ Nature in my back yard. Blessed be the green
Spider web Nature
Sunset Silhouettes First Eyeem Photo
Campsite, on our way to Kasane and Victoria Falls Tree Day Transportation No People
chilled out :)
Pick-up pooch at Amanda's First Eyeem Photo
My little 11 month old bunny🌿 Hanging Out Rabbits 🐇
Roses Onlyses🌹] Cheese! Roses only grow once a year and it's only polite to capture their beauty First Eyeem Photo
Banana! !!!! Hungry Ashton5sos
Eggs remind me of my bff ...we are so different My Bff <3 weirdos