Friend School Bekrnb
When a random under-construction part of the school became our 'photo studio' for the day Friend School Bekrnb
A very tiring picture, I must say! The kid (Abhiraj) being a very energetic one didn't stay still for a second! Moreover, a volleyball he saw lying in the school fields fascinated him so much that he would first pick it, then kick or toss it in a random direction and then run and follow the ball only to repeat the drill all over again with me running after him with the camera, changing directions every other instant and trying to have him face the lens to get a shot. Well, I've had my bit of exercise for the day! School Toddler  Closeup Photography Portrait Bekrnb
Took this shot in a dark room at school where one friend was told to hold the expression and look straight into the lens, another held a torch and a notebook to reflect & soften the light while the third held a trunk under the camera, acting as a tripod. Friend School Photography Blackandwhite Bekrnb
Even though I got a chance to photograph the milkman the other day, I still wanted to find the cat again and trap it in my camera. Last Saturday, while strolling around the school campus, I saw something run from behind the vehicles in the car parking. I walked towards it to have a look, and there it was, an entire clowder of cats. A big cat with its 5 tiny offsprings. Apparently, they lived there in a small burrow next to the vehicles, according to the gardener. Stealthily, I brought out my camera and managed a picture before the camera's sound scared the entire clutter and they escaped from a crevice in the wall. Boy! I wish I'd talked to the gardener about the cats before, it'd had saved me a week of hunting for the feline, haha! Brown Random Cat Kitty Photography Nature Spots Bekrnb
This was a very unexpected portrait! One of my friends at school came and told me about a cat sitting really still on a pillar near the gate. I told him I'd be with him in a minute, and ran to fetch my camera. Unfortunately, just as I got there, the cat decided to prance down the other side and escape. We were all pretty bummed to lose the chance, but also really motivated to find and click some other animal. After 15 minutes of hunting and joking about feeling like Nat Geo wildlife photographers, we encountered the school milkman and his dog Shahenshah. My friend loved the furry pet who was walking just ahead and followed it for a picture, while I found the milkman's face really interesting and wanted to give portraits a try. So there it was, I did manage to click an animal, only it was an unexpected one; A human. Quite funnily, my friend got bit by the dog! Old Man Milkman Blackandwhite Closeup Wrinkles Portrait Photography Bekrnb
The closest I've been able to get to any animal so far! The bird was perched on some white structure with a fellow companion. Moving at a painfully slow pace, I was able to get within two to three feet of the bird and it didn't even bat an eye. I was practically invisible to it until I was so close that the camera shutter sound alerted the bird and it flew away. Grey Black Bird Red Eyes Wildlife Animal Nature Photography Bokeh Bekrnb
Another one from a walk in the park. Trees Nature Greenery Photography Bekrnb
I saw her (his?) Majesty sitting on a leaf while trying out macro photography with a newly purchased lens reverse ring. The epitome of patience that she is, she waited in all her glory until I reversed the lens, set up my camera and shot her in all the poses she offered. After I was done, she very calmly opened her wings and fluttered off to a new leaf. It was almost as if she intentionally came in for a free photoshoot. Smart insect! Garden Brown Winged Insect Evening Photography Macro Closeup Leaf Nature Bekrnb
Photographing smoke is something that always overwhelms me. I'd reached 146 shots when I realised 1 am was a good time to go to sleep. I just couldn't get over how unique every single shot was! Smoke Photography Night Candle Bekrnb
Another macro from the lawns. Unlike the patient brown from yesterday, this was quite an active one. It flew helter skelter the entire time; behind the flowers, above the leaves and around the bud until it luckily froze for an instant when I brought my camera close and that's when I managed a click. It's tentacles were vibrating furiously and didn't pause for a second! This insect was smaller than the size of an ant in real. Macro is interesting! Yellow Winged Small Insect Macro Closeup Instapic Photooftheday Photography Leaf Illgrammers Bekrnb
Just like the hexagonal pattern I posted earlier, I never noticed this hidden on a side of the garden. Coming up close, I found something that was almost invisible from a distance covered by other plants' leaves; a beautiful and massive red flower (Dahlia?) Flower Photoftheday Photography Closeup Repost Bekrnb
Bunny  Watchalookinat Bekrnb
In an attempt to find all those little things at home that I subconsciously know are there, but always tend to overlook, I found this interesting pattern. Photography Wall Pattern Bekrnb
I was walking around aimlessly in a park near my house when about 10 puppies decided to chase me around the entire place. After most of them retired back to their hideout, I noticed my camera strapped around my arm. It's funny how this calm looking puppy was running around me franticly, thinking my camera bag probably had some food, just seconds before this shot! Random Stray Puppy Photography Bekrnb
Sometimes, spirits come out of glasses at night. The glow above the glass was actually a couple of different colored threads being spun around the top. Glass Slow Shutterspeed Longexposure Photography Colorful Smoke Threads Nighttime Bekrnb
Lights Photography Night Bekrnb
Night Shot Bro Photography Bekrnb