Thanks for hanging out with me yesterday @natecook_ Weshootaz Weloveaz Wwim13az Instagramaz Igersphx Shoottheshooter Createcommune Cleanstreets Grittyside Agameoftones Illgrammers Way2ill Illfeatures Az365 Azculture Arizonagram Arizonacollective Asuartmuseum Oh_arizona Hashtagjoey
Hanging out up north with @Paige.Ellie.Johnson Sedona Weshootaz Weloveaz Instagramaz Oh_arizona Oakcreekcanyon Sliderockstatepark Sliderock Mountaingirls Arizonacollective Nature Love Igersphx Igersaz Azigers Justshoot Justgoshoot Az365 Arizonahighways Hashtagjoey Sonyalpha Sonyimages Weownthelight Iconic_az Ig_southwest azlandscape
Been working hard to find bridges for a series.... I think I'm making some good progress so far. Here's a little sneak peak... Thanks Michelle! @phxtarin Weshootaz Weloveaz Igersphx Lightthenight Pedestrianbridge Bridge Iseeplaceseverywhere Manual Way2ill Agameoftones Illgrammers Instagramaz Igersaz Azigers Oh_arizona Arizonacollective Hashtagjoey Newlybornphotographers Createcommune Streetdreamsmag Streetshared Clickgeardaily Urbanromantix_2500 Shotsbyyouold Jj_forum_1505
Instagramaz Igersphx Glendaleaz Phoenixaz Igsunsets Palmtrees Cottoncandyclouds Lightpole Sce Pinkclouds Blueskies Cloudporn Skyporn Cloudydays Sunsets Igarizona @arizonaskies @sunsetsgram @ibeautyofnature @instagram Igpalmtrees Igclouds Awesomesunsets Colorful Fluffy Lookingup Goodevening  Arizona :)
Instagramaz Glendaleaz Igersphx Desertlivin Citylifeinaz Mountains Silhouette Cacti Rocks Bushes Landscape Awesome Clouds Cloudporn Blueskies Instasky Prettyday  Trail Desertscenery Igersonly @arizonaskies @sunsetsgram Instadesert Instagramhub Instagood :)
These are bridges from a series that I have been working on. Honestly I feel that these are probably the best pictures I've ever taken. I welcome any and all comments! Please let me know what you think. Weshootaz Azatnight Instagramaz Weownthenight Weownthenight_ig Weownthenight_az Igersphx Azigers Arizonacollective Oh_arizona Igsouthwest Azculture Agameoftones Illgrammers Way2ill Cleanstreets Grittyside Pedestrianbridge Hashtagjoey Cgcc Shotsbyyou
Instagramaz Igarizona Sunrise Desertlivin Glendaleaz Igersphx Instadesert Powerlines Cacti Mountains Dirtroads Morningdrive Drivebyphoto Silhouette Colorful Mornings Landscape Nature Beautiful Crackofdawn Instasky Igersonly PixlrExpress Skyporn Instagram arizonahighways @arizonaskies @____sun_rise_earth_____ @ibeautyofnature @sce goodmorning instagramhub :)
Instagramaz Glendaleaz Igersphx Igarizona Instadesert Cloudydays Skyporn Cloudporn Justfloatinonby Cactus Desertlivin Landscape Mountainside Sce Powerlines Blueskies Rocks Nature @arizonaskies @ibeautyofnature @instagram Whataniceday Arizona Arizonahighways :)
"He who has a why to live, can bear almost any how" Friedrich Nietzsche Amazing time yesterday at the Dbacksphotowalk with @mi5ter_x and @natecook_ Thanks for a great day, guys! Thanks @zapography For setting the whole thing up! Awesome First post with my new Nikon D5500 Weshootaz Weloveaz Azatnight Instagramaz Igersphx Azculture Ig_arizona Igarizona Agameoftones Way2ill Illgrammers Moodygrams Grittyside Cleanstreets Face_off_global Pedestrianbridge Streetdreamsmag Createcommune Hashtagjoey
Instagramaz Glendaleaz Clouds Cloudporn Lookslikeasnail Cloudwatching Instagramhub Igersphx Instacloud Instasky Blueskies PixlrExpress Cloudydays Cloudsfordays Mööp :) @arizonaskies
Instagramaz Glendaleaz Igersphx Igarizona Sce Lensflare Palmtrees Epic Sunrise Cloudporn Skyporn Sunlight Colorful Mornings Nature NaturalBeauty Blueskies @arizonaskies @____sun_rise_earth_____ @ibeautyofnature @instagram Instasky Arizonahighways Goodmorning Arizona Powerlines Alwayswithmyheadintheclouds Lookup :)
Thanks again to @mi5ter_x and @natecook_ for trying out some new things with me. And thanks to @zapography and @dbacks for making Dbacksphotowalk possible! Dtphx Downtownphx Weshootaz Weloveaz Azatnight Instagramaz Igersphx Az365 Azculture Igarizona Justgoshoot Newlybornphotographers Weownthenight_ig Weownthenight_az Cleanstreets Grittyside Createcommune Streetdreamsmag Agameoftones Illfeatures Illgrammers Way2ill Compositionkillerz Shuttervictims face_off_global hashtagjoey
This was a day for a drive! :) Instagramaz Igersphx Igersonly Desertlivin Citylifeinaz Instagramhub Palmtrees Busstop Houses Blueskies BrightDay Nature @arizonaskies @ibeautyofnature Drivebyphoto PixlrExpress
Instapuppy Terriors Animals Sleepy Instagramaz Phoenixaz Pepper &ella Cute Adorable Sisters Naptime Instagram Instadog Instalove Instagramhub Iganimals Igersphx Igpuppy Instanaps Puppydreamz Goofballs :)
Instamood Instagramaz Igersphx Glendaleaz Trees Nature Instasky Clouds Cloudporn Landscape Blueskies Greenery Outside @arizonaskies Lookslikeagiraffe Awesome
Instagramaz Glendaleaz Typicalspringday in Arizona Arizonahighways Igersphx Cloudporn Nature Trees Driving Desertlivin Citylifeinaz Mountains Cacti Dirt Rocks Clouds Beautifulscene Peaceful Prettytrees Nicedayforadrive :)
What a humid and! i love overcast days! :) Can't say the same for the humidity tho... Instagramaz Desertlivin Cactus Rocks Nature Overcast Mornings Glendaleaz Arizonahighways Instadesert Instagramhub Cloudydays Skyporn Mountain Sce Powerlines Crackofdawn Goodmorning Arizona @arizonaskies Noedit OriginalPhoto Igersphx Igarizona Instasky Awesomeview :)
Instadesert Glendaleaz Desertlivin Sunrise in Arizona Cacti Mountains Morningdrive Cloud Igersphx Igersonly Instagramaz Instagramhub Colorful Peaceful Serene Awesome PixlrExpress Goodmorning have a nice day everyone! <3
Instagramaz Instasky Cloudydays Cloudporn Skyporn Streetsign Desertlivin Beautifulscene Prettypicture  Blue Green Blueskies Igersphx @arizonaskies PixlrExpress Nature Mountains Houses Glendaleaz .BrightDay Whispyclouds Cloudwatching