Repost @daily_sikhi_pics with @repostapp ・・・ Dhan dhan sri guru gobind singh ji, our true father. Remember to keep your kesh because guru ji told us that we should stand out. Why? Because we are the KHALSA, and we are here to protect our brothers and sisters from injustice but how will they find us? Because guru ji gave us a look to stand out so that people know they are safe when we are there. Many will tell us that keeping our kesh is dirty and wrong but just remember that it was waheguru who gave you this kesh and therefore it is pure so just ignore these people. There are also those who tell us we aren't sikhs but we are just like muslims or hindus or christians. They say this because our sikhi is the ultimate truth and it is like the centre of all religions, for a sikh there are many elements of truth across other faiths such as islam and that is why we include the writings of muslim saints in guru granth sahib ji and that is why we may have a lot of respect other religions but for us, sikhi is the truth and sikhi is the way. At the end of the day the gurus message is this: where there is truth, follow it. If you see the truth in islam, then follow islam, be a good muslim, same for sikhi and christianity, if you see somewhere where you know there is false practices such as idolship, then guide those people onto the right path but remember to always follow the truth and never leave the truth. Sikhi Waheguru Dailysikhipics Gurugobindsinghjimaharaj