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Another memorable trip has drawn to a close! Canada, once again you have been amazing. Can't thank everyone enough for being so hospitable and making the trip what it was. You have a place in Edinburgh anytime! We managed to cover over 9000 km, including driving through Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, followed by a trip to Cuba. made the most of it by cliff-jumping, camping, hiking, climbing the Appalachians, swimming with whales in the Atlantic, swimming in the Caribbean Sea, holding baby crocodiles... There's simply too much to mention. Not forgetting popping the question before jumping out of a plane! My home from home...Canada ๐Ÿ we will be back. Canada Newbrunswick Quebec Novascotia Pei Cuba Alwaysonthemoove Backpacker Chasingsummer Traveleverydamnday Travel Homefromhome Engaged
Don't take this Personal Folks, its more about the Expression about the Whole Situation around the World. There is sooo much wrong Goin on Around the Globe. SPREAD LUV NOT WAR. DROP CUPCAKES NOT BOMBS Light And Shadow Nature Scenics Alwaysonthemoove Outdoors Tranquility Night Dark Beauty In Nature Corn Cornfield Fields OBEY
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