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You will never know, What it means, to love me And you will never know, What these two lips taste like to kiss You can just suppose what my body feels like to hold Hope you can deal with, all you will never know I wanna know you, what's hiding behind this wall Who you really are I wanna meet you on the other side of this charade Wherever the cards may fall I'm ready to give you my heart Yea I'm willing to show up for my part Baby, I want you to be mine... 💔 Tb Selfie Me Stupidface Girl Cute Lame LBS AvrilLavigne Allyouwillneverknow Broken Brokenhearted BrownHair Broweyes Hairgoals Eyesgoals Grunge Chocker Sad Alone Lgbt Depressed Oldphoto Instasize
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